How To: stage small spaces

As condo prices rise more people find themselves living in smaller spaces. For the organizationally challenged this might be discouraging, however, making it work doesn't have to be difficult. 

By combining "condo sized" furniture, smart storage and thoughtful design you can have it all. Whether staging to sell or decorating your a home, the following tips can make a big difference in your success: 

Go vertical 

Whether using upright furniture or adding floating shelves, don't let your wall space go to waste. You can decorate them with rotating displays or wicker baskets to add storage.

Let the eye travel

Keep your furniture visually light to make the space feel larger. Glass, lucite and acrylic are ideal to let the eye wander. It's like they're not even there! 

Embrace open storage



Make your storage a design feature with an industrial metal shelving unit. Use uniform jars, baskets and plates to keep it from looking busy and display your appliances as decor. 

Add an entry



Small condos, studios or lofts are often one large room and it can be difficult to create intimate spaces. Make your home more appealing by creating designated areas, or adding rooms. A great example is using a chair, bench, console or bookshelf to add an entry way. Area rugs are also a great way to define and anchor a room setting. 

Forgo the coffee table 

Get creative in the living room. Use side tables, nesting tables or even wooden logs to create space. Having the option to move things around makes the space feel less restricting. 

Mirrors can do wonders 

Mirrors can be used to make a space feel larger and add instant light. Hang them on the wall, lean them on the ground, cluster them or use mirrored furniture pieces to enlarge little spaces. 

Painting a room in light colours and keeping furniture neutral will also open up your space.

Hopefully these hints will help you make a home of your small space. 

Have any of these tricks helped you? Share any advice or feedback in the comments below!