Q: What is home staging?


Q: Is staging my home a good investment?

A: A proven real estate strategy, home staging is a fast and effective way to showcase your home to prospective buyers to sell quickly and for the best price. It is about creating a space that reflects the lifestyle that buyers want.


A:  The cost of staging a property is less than the cost of your first price reduction and can average a return of 196% of the investment.

Q: How will home staging attract more buyers? 

A: Better photos = more buyers. 90% of buyers look online first. Effective staging produces higher impact photos for MLS - higher impact photos lead to more showings. 

Q: Will home staging help me sell faster?

A: Less headache and hassle. 93% of staged homes sell in one month or less, as compared to the national average of 161 days on the market! 

Q: Aren't buyers looking at the property, not the decor?


Q: What if my property's vacant?

A: Only 10% of home buyers can see past dirt, clutter and imperfections. Staging helps the other 90% visualize themselves in your home.

A: How big is the room? What is this room for? Without furniture as a frame of reference it is difficult to tell the scale and purpose of a space. Great decor keeps perspective buyers focussing on the benefits of the space when 9 out of 10 cannot imagine it themselves. Why take the risk?