What to Expect

Our streamlined process and attention to detail will you leave feeling relaxed and confident. Our thorough process can be completed within one business day. 

Beginning with a consultation, an expert stager will visit your home to determine your overall needs, budget and timeline. We will give you personalized recommendations on how to prepare your property for sale. Within one business day you will receive a detailed staging report and an estimate of our services. 

The cost of our service is mainly determined by the size and scale of the project.

How We Can Help

We will fully transform your property, making it buyer friendly, and move-in ready. Staging a property is more than decorating, but creating something to aspire to. 

We offer full service staging:

  • de-cluttering
  • recommend trustworthy contractors
  • planning layout and colour palette for painting and decor
  • staging vacant and furnished properties

You will feel comfortable with our thorough approach as we transform your property into buyer-ready condition. We work within your timeline and budget to beautifully showcase your home for sale.

For more information about our services, feel free to contact us.

Or call for a consultation: (416) 569-7552. 

First impressions are everything. Most buyers decide if they are comfortable in a house in the first few seconds.