"As we began preparations to sell our parents’ home one of our questions was, Is it a viable investment to have the house staged, and will that staging bring us a higher profit margin given the cost of the staging? After talking to a number of our neighbours who had recently sold, some who staged, and some who didn’t, we decided to contact a stager and see what they could offer. We contacted Justine who met with us and our agent to discuss the possibilities. As we heard Justine’s ideas it quickly became apparent that what Justine was suggesting would bring necessary warmth and life to an empty house and through that drive higher prices. We contracted with her to stage the house.

Staging quickly completed, the house went on the market in mid-January of this year. One week later we had over 100 showings and had received 14 firm offers, all above the asking price. Many people commented how alive the house looked. In the end we accepted an offer that was 33.5% over the asking price. We were thrilled.

While there is no doubt a number of factors contributed to this quick sale and high price, it was clear that Justine’s hard work and professionalism made the house shine and move quickly. Justine was a pleasure to deal with, took care of all the details and was a major factor in us getting the large number of firm offers all massively over the asking price and ultimately the house selling so quickly. By her dealing with all of the staging details this helped tremendously in reducing the stress factor that is so much in preparing a house for sale.

We would just like to formally thank Justine and her team on all her hard work on our behalf. "

-Paul Burton, Property Owner

"Justine did an incredible job staging our family's home. Moving and selling our house was stressful and the decluttering, organizing and staging actually made it a pleasant experience. Justine and Ania were so professional, timely and made our house look magazine worthy! We loved the work they did so much, that we recently hired them to help decorate our new house. Justine not only has impeccable taste but really made an effort to incorporate our own personal style. We love how it has all come together and so does anyone who has seen it. We look forward to working with Justine Elise interiors again in the future!"

- Elisa Ghandour, Property Owner

"Justine Elise Interiors are complete lifesavers to a busy realtor. Whether it is a rushed staging project to get a place market ready (within days) or a well thought out interior design plan- they have the passion and drive to pull everything together.

My clients always love their work and I have personally used them for my own properties and design projects. They are punctual, professional and no doubt talented!"

- Rebecca E. Arscott, Keller Williams Realty

"I can only say fantastic things about my experience working with Justine. From day one until the condo ultimately sold, Justine offered such a professional, creative and effective approach to staging my listing. She really made my life easier and helped design a strategy that not only aligned with my clients' budget but looked oiutstanding. The condo struggled to sell and then Justine came in to save the day, I feel very reassured that I have such a great resource available. Thanks Justine!"

- Les Klopfer, Barry Cohen Homes

"Justine is a joy to work with. She brings a non-judgemental attitude to dust bunnies, a clear vision for the space, and a willingness to work with/around temperamental small animals that few others can provide. Her open, collaborative approach begins with a consultation where she actively listens to client concerns and answers questions that ensure you can make an informed decision as you go forward.

In addition to bringing her constructive, critical perspective she provides astute advice on how to depersonalize a space so that it transforms into a welcoming canvas for any future buyer to paint their dreams on. The end result is warm, friendly environment that will encourage your buyers to imagine creating memories - what more could you ask for?"

-Niya Bajaj, Property Owner

"As a Realtor, having a great stager is a vital piece to running a successful business.  I cannot recommend Justine enough.  She was a pleasure to deal with and was very flexible in creating a plan that fit in with mine and my clients budgets.  She was able to take a house that already looked great and take it to the next level.  I had countless complements on the staging and would not hesitate to suggests Justine's services to my clients and my peers!"

- Philip Lago, Sales Representative at Private Service Realty Inc.

“I just want to say a HUGE thank you to the team for their amazing work on my recent listing. It was a big task and they tackled it with such enthusiasm and diligence. It was amazing how they transformed a "bachelor pad" loft into a trendy, one of a kind space. For them it seemed effortless and was easy for me to place full trust in them. In the end I sold the place above asking in less than 2 weeks. I have already and will continue to recommend them big time - thanks again!”

-Kate Matheson, Private Service Realty Inc.

“The team recently staged my loft and the transformation was incredible. I felt I could put my trust in them in to carry out every step of the process: de-cluttering, organizing and decorating. My space sold quickly and for above asking price. Can’t wait to work with them again.”

-Jordan Grosman, Private Service Realty Inc.

"Justine helped me stage my loft to rent out on airbnb.com and I've had so much incredible feedback from guests ever since. Seeing my place in a whole new light, they opened up space I did not imagine existed. I have never been happier with my living situation. I don't even want to rent it out anymore; I just want to stay home" 

-Andrew Cariboni, Airbnb host